Key Benefits:
Multiple redundant connections to the internet.
Monitored redundant hardware.
Off-site mail queuing
Simple user interface.
Easy to read quarantine reports
Multi-level spam and virus detection
Want Your Own?
We can build you an anti-spam appliance that will fill your needs today and in years to come.
We build using industry proven hardware manufacturers like Dell and HP.
If you want your own appliance, go to the 'contact us' page and send us an e-mail... we'd be happy to get a system out to you ASAP.
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The Internet Guy, Inc. has almost 20 years experience in network design, security and management.
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* price reflects a per month fee based on a 1 year agreement.
† All domains must be owned and operated by the applicant † Applicant must have control of associated DNS/MX records.

How does Ironclad-email.com deliver business value?Ironclad-email.com's Hosted Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus solutions reduce costs, increase security and provide the highest degree of protection with: · No onsite equipment, installation, upgrades/patches and “always on” protection · Elimination of threats and unproductive bandwidth usage before it hits the network · Performance, availability and security backed by service level agreements (SLAs)
Why are so many companies embracing Ironclad-email.com's Hosted Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus services? Because they are drawn by benefits such as unlimited scalability, protection guarantees, and lower cost of ownership. Even for organizations with a current on-premise solution in place, you can gain greater security and bandwidth savings by adding Ironclad-email.com's Hosted Email Security as an additional layer of protection.
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  Award Winning Software
Anti-spam / Anti-virus
Using industry standard technology, we have the ability to filter spam and virii on several levels.
Our anti-spam filter receives updates daily regarding new spammer habits and exploits.
Our anti-virus software receives updates hourly to ensure that your e-mail will not be the cause of a security breach.
Updated Statistics:
»» In May 2009, spam made up 90.4% of all email on corporate servers.
»» Roughly 58% of unwanted messages came from known botnets.
»» One in every 317.8 messages, in May 2009, contained malware.
»» One in every 279 messages, in May 2009, contained a phishing attach.
Our Statistics:
»» 8039798 RBL Rejections »» 4135716 Spam Rejections »» 1709037 Invalid Recipients »» 499365 Frontline Rejections »» 56705 Denied Relays
* Figures compiled since 1/1/2012