How it works

Without an anti-spam / anti-virus system, your e-mail server is accepting connections from the internet directly. This used to be the common scenario for setting up an e-mail server. Today, we can implement an extra line of defense for your e-mail server. We place an anti-spam / anti-virus provider between you and the internet.What this means is, e-mail will not flow from the internet to your e-mail server, it will flow from the internet, through an anti-spam / anti-virus service, then to your e-mail server. 

This means of protection is beneficial in many ways. This removed the load from your internet connection that can be caused by spammers trying to harvest e-mail addresses via brute force means.. This also removes the load by allowing only connections from your anti-spam / anti-virus provider.


As you can see, by the two above diagrams, using we intercept all e-mail traffic before it gets to your server. This, in turn, allows us to filter wanted vs. unwanted e-mail and send you only the mail that you want. It also allows you to do routine maintenance on your mail server without the fear of not receiving e-mail during that period. We cache all e-mail for 7 days, in the event of a server or network failure!!!