Technical Info

Setting your account, network and DNS up to use is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. – First, we request, from you or your e-mail provider, a list of acceptable e-mail accounts to protect. We will set up the system to allow e-mail only to those accounts and reject all other attempts to send e-mail to your domain.

2. – Then, if you do not control your own DNS, the most common scenario, we can contact your DNS provider for you and instruct them to make the necessary changes to get e-mail flowing through our service. Or we can assist you in providing your DNS provider with the details they will need to make the change.
– Once this is done, we wait until the TTL (time to live) has expired on the MX (mail exchange) record of your DNS and disable any inbound e-mail, from the internet, to your server. We can limit the connections to your e-mail server via a firewall (preferred) or limitations within the SMTP service itself.


With those three, simple, steps complete… you are protected against Spam and Virii!!!